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Tabasco #271 History

At a Regular Communication of Industrial Lodge # 212 A.F. & A. M. in Company Shops (Burlington), Alamance County, NC held on March 20, 1867, a petition to Grand Master Edwin Goodwin Reade for dispensation to open a new Lodge in Gibsonville, NC was read and unanimously recommended. Robert W. Best (Deputy Grand Master) issued a Dispensation to the first Officers of Tabasco Lodge on April 15, 1867. The officers were as follows:

William P. Heath – Worshipful Master
Ervin Boon – Senior Warden
Andrew Summers – Junior Warden

The first Communication was held on May 9, 1867. The officers and members present were as follows:

Officers Present

W.P. Heath – Worshipful Master
E. Boon – Senior Warden
A. Summers – Junior Warden
I. Summers – Treasurer
G.M. Isley – Secretary
J.M. Sutton – Senior Deacon
J.D. Boon – Junior Deacon
D. Whitsell - Tyler

Members Present

C.C. Curtis
L.H. Boon
W.O. Durham

At the first Communication on May 9, 1867, G.M. Isley, A. Summers and J.M. Sutton were appointed to a committee to draft a Constitution and By-Laws.
On December 4, 1867 Tabasco Lodge # 271 A.F. & A.M. was granted a Charter by the Grand Lodge of NC.
On June 24, 1868 (St. John the Baptist Day) the cornerstone of Tabasco Lodge # 271 of Ancient, Free & Accepted Masons was laid.
On November 27, 1868, the first By-Laws of Tabasco Lodge were adopted.
On March 17, 1869 the General Assembly of NC ratified an Act to incorporate Tabasco Lodge # 271.
On November 11, 1899, the Lodge endorsed the committee action in the sale of the old Lodge & lot and the purchase of a new site to build a new Lodge.
On December 9, 1899, the Building Committee was authorized to construct a new building to be 24 feet by 45 feet in size.
On April 14, 1900, $349.23 was paid for lumber and materials to build the new Lodge. The committee was instructed to borrow a sum of money to finish the building and to put on one coat of paint.
On October 13, 1900, the Lodge contributed $2.00 for the benefit of the sufferers of the Galveston, TX hurricane.
On August 31, 1907 the mortgage held by Miss Matilda Geringer was paid in full
On March 7, 1908, the Lodge paid $25.00 toward the construction of the Grand Lodge Temple in Raleigh, NC.
On March 5, 1910, the Lodge pledged $104.00 for the Masonic and Eastern Star Home in Guilford County, NC.
On November 13, 1920, it was reported that $119.00 had been collected for the Oxford Orphanage.
On April 9, 1921, it was voted to donate $30.00 to the Organization of Eastern Star to pay for their charter.
On October 8, 1921, the Lodge granted permission for the School Board to use the first floor of the Lodge building as a school room for this school year.
On October 9, 1926, permission was granted for the Baptist Ladies Aid Society to use the ground floor of the Lodge building.
On June 11, 1927, permission was given to the Boy Scout Club to use the ground floor of the Lodge building.
On January 1, 1930, annual member dues were increased from $5.00 to $7.50.
On December 12, 1932, it was decided to give the widows a small Christmas gift.
On April 11, 1936 the Lodge agreed to donate seven benches to the new Minneola Recreational Park.
On May 11, 1940, the first presentation of 25 Year Certificates were awarded to the following members:

Dr. J.V. Dick - C.B. Thomason - TW. Smith - J.W. Patton - H.H. Belton - G.R. Summers - W.G. Wyrick

On November 8, 1946, it was reported that the Lodge had collected $331.00 for the Oxford Orphanage.
Numerous donations were made to both the Oxford Orphanage as well as the Eastern Star Home (too many to mention individually).
On November 16, 1953, the Lodge voted unanimously to buy Liberty Hall for $11,000 and to sell the existing Lodge building. Soon after March 30, 1954 Tabasco Lodge purchased two tracts of land from Cone Mills fronting Main St. in Gibsonville, NC. The total frontage of both tracts of land is approximately 75 feet and a depth of approximately 102 feet.
On May 5, 1957 the sale of the old Lodge building and lot on Main St. to T.E Haithcock was recorded for $5,500.00.
On November 1, 1957 there was a ceremony of burning the mortgage. The meeting was also attended by members of the Scottish Rite bodies of Greensboro, NC.
On March 6, 1962 the Lodge voted to contribute $0.25 per member per year for the next four years to the George Washington National Masonic Memorial Endowment Fund.
On January 7, 1964, Brother Elmore J. Cobb, Jr. and his wife donated a framed scroll to the Lodge, with the provision that if the Lodge ever closed, the scroll would be presented to the Greensboro Masonic Museum.
On February 18, 1964, Rev. Brother Guy H. Veazey presented the Lodge with a gavel composed of seven pieces of wood. The gavel was a testimony of the importance of the number seven to Masonry and to the world.
On April 1, 1965, Tabasco Lodge was awarded the Certificate of Merit for 100% participation in the George Washington Masonic National Memorial Association Fund.
On August 3, 1965, Brother W.C. Needham presented the Lodge a picture of the Masonic Shrine located on the Blue Ridge Parkway near Waynesville, NC.
On May 17, 1966, a United States Flag was presented to Tabasco Lodge # 271 and the Gibsonville Chapter #108 of the Order of Eastern Star in memory of Mahlon James Needham (Past Master of Ocean Lodge #214 of Brunswick, GA, Past Master of Volusia Lodge # 77 of Barboursville, FL). Brother Needham felt that the highest duty of a Mason was a patriotic love of country.
On April 17, 1974, Tabasco Lodge was presented the Grand Masters Award.
In 1978, Tabasco Lodge was awarded the Merit Award by the Oxford Orphanage for support contributed to the home.
On November 4, 1986, a plaque was awarded to Algier L. Rich, who was 103 years old, was a Past Master & had been a Master Mason for 63 years.
Tabasco Lodge was awarded the Grand Master’s Five-Star Program plaque in 1998, 1999, 2001 & 2002.
Tabasco Lodge sponsored a local girls’ softball team in 2003, 2004, 2005 & 2006.
In December of 2008, Tabasco Lodge contributed $500.00 in toys to the Toys for Tots Christmas fund.
In December of 2009, Tabasco Lodge contributed $1,000.00 to the Masonic Home for Children in Oxford, NC.
In December of 2009, Tabasco Lodge contributed $1,008.51 in toys to the Toys for Tots Christmas fund